Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grown up...

Alright, here is my first post since 2010. Since then many aspects of my life have changed. I went ahead and planted my seed yet again and had me another kid. I started growing a sweet ass beard. I got a ton of tattoos and put giant holes in my ears. Then me and my family were pretty much forced to uproot our nice comfy apartment life and buy a house. The only thing that has stayed the same is my job but more on that later..Oh yeah and somewhere in there I turned 30. Well a couple more years have passed and now I'm 32, and while I may be considered to be an adult and have made some very adult like decisions I don't feel like an adult. I'm married have two kids and a house and two cars and yet I still feel like I did when I was in high school.  

    For a while I used to think that this might be a bad thing. And the biggest reason for that was the job I have. I work at a grocery store third shift. I've been doing it for 13 years. Again most people would look at this as a bad thing. When I first got this job I thought it was going to be perfect, I'd work at night when everyone was sleeping then I'd sleep while people were at work but mor importantly while my now wife then girlfriend missy was in school. And for a long time it worked perfectly. Well the years went by and I kept on truckin on the graveyard shift. I'd sleep all day and work all night. Then my children were born. The only thing that changed then was I got less sleep....a lot less. Now here's the part where I noticed that people looked down on me for the job I chose. My aunt and uncle own a clock shop in menomonee falls. They've had this shop since way before I was born. Let's just say they don't have to worry about money. Every once and a while me and missy would stop in there and shoot the shit. Then I noticed something, it didn't happen right away but after a while it seemed like every time we would go there my uncle would ask "so you still working at pick n save?" It didn't bother me at first but like I said it started happening every time. Of course the answer never changed. 

     Now I understand that they are family and there may be the chance that they just want me to better myself. Well that's where I have an issue. Why should I better my self if I feel like I'm already doing just fine? I don't just get this from them,  I get this all the time.  Recently I have crossed paths with a few of my old friends from high school. These are people who I used to backyard wrestle with trash our school after hours with and do things on film that would make most people question our sexuality all for the sake of getting a laugh. Some of these people I have not seen in almost 12 years. They went on to be delivery drivers making fat cash and taking trips all over the world and cops bustin bad guys. Some went on to start their own multimedia companies and some went to work for major national news broadcasting corporations while others left the comfort of the not terribly complicated 3rd shift grocery store job to find something better, more grown up..

    When I see or talk to these people there's always this sense that because my job isn't really considered grown up or a career, that they look down at me for never trying to be better. Funny thing is, I don't want things to be better. Yeah working at a grocery store at night is not the greatest job but here's the thing. Like I said before, Im married have a house two cars and two kids. All that's missing is a dog in the backyard and I'm living by what most people's standards would be the "American dream". We are in no way struggling for money or chasing after some fantasy that we know will never be obtained. If you were to go back in time to when I graduated high school and asked me where I thought I'd be in 10 years. I can guarantee my answer would have been pick n save. I've never dreamed big or wanted more. I look at all these people bettering themselves and being grown ups and I laugh. Most of these people look like they've been through hell and back just to obtain their job status and be grown up. And while I have lost some hair and the work that I do has given me some fucked up knees. I still look and feel pretty much the same as I did 13 years ago when I graduated. 

    I couldn't ask for anything more in my life because I already have so much more than I ever expected to have. So when people ask me if I'm still working at pick n save with that snarky little joking tone in their voice just waiting for the obvious yes answer. I just say yep same old shit and move on. I don't need to grow up, I don't want to do better and I don't fucking care if little old ladies keep glancing over their shoulders at me to see if I'm up to no good. See I may act like an immature asshole most always. I swear A LOT, I scratch my nuts I'm public and give people dirty looks when they stare at me, hell sometimes I scream at people walking on the sidewalks while I'm driving my car. But all that really matters is that I'm always there for my wife and children when they need me. We both have steady jobs (both at pick n save) that pays decent for the work we do. There's always plenty of food in my fridge(and beer) and I don't have to beg for money or wait for an assistance check from the government. So if I ever see any of you and you think its funny that I STILL work at pick n save.....go fuck yourselves.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

           Well, it's been like 3 years since I've done anything with this blog. I'm a little older, a little wiser, a lot angrier, And now I have a huge beard (that one might actually be a future rant here). In the last 3 years I've had some pretty major shit happen in my life. I went and had me another kid, so that makes 2. The store I work at moved from a nice cozy little place I was very comfortable with into a huge cold lifeless place that cares more about kissing the asses of dirtbag trailer trash juggalo fucking government assistance frauding India ink tattoo having can't keep their goddam legs closed so they have multiple unruly fucking kids with no "Baby Daddy" causing a ruckus in our store scum of the earth. Than it does about the people that help keep their ship afloat. I've also had my whole life flipped upside down when the son of the landlord of the apartment me and my family lived in for many many years decides that since his mom (the actual landlord) is like 95 goddamn years old and has Alzheimer's. He can start to be a fuck head about the noise that my 1 and 4 year old son are making as we live above a vacant apartment (again, another rant for the future). So now in the biggest spur of the moment decision I think has ever been made.....we bought a house. Sounds great right? I'll say this, it's pretty cool to live in a house with no fucking landlord rules. But it just shouldn't have gone down that way. So anyway, before I get to far into all this I'd just like to say.....IM BACK BITCHES.

Oh yeah, In case your a goddamn grammar nazi like the entire internet seems to be these days. You may not want to continue to read this blog. There's only so much autocorrect can fix. AND I just really don't fucking care. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A few months ago my Xbox 360 decided it had had enough of playing games so it killed itself. I knew what I had to do was call XBOX customer support to send my $300 brick into them to be repaired. But there was something that I knew was coming when I called, and I was dreading it. So much so that I contemplated just saying fuck it, and buying a new system. I knew that when I called it was just going to be some bullshit hassle with some broken English speaking camel jockey living in another country, but I called anyway. Now I've called  Microsoft support a few times in the past couple years and each time was just a fucking headache that in the long run just got me more pissed off than the problem I was trying to have resolved was making me. But this time was different, this time I talked to someone who as far as I could tell had a copy of a Tusken Raider to English translation book sitting in front of them. Every question I asked I had to repeat over and over, and every word or what ever the fuck was coming out of her mouth I had to have repeated to me . So basically at the end of this conversation which took entirely too long, I got the result I wanted. My broken Xbox was going to be shipped back and fixed. so while I waited for my shipping label to arrive, I composed a nice little note about all my questions and concerns I had about this whole process, from my horrible service on the phone to not wanting some refurbished piece of shit that some other unlucky asshole had to send back for repairs that might have been worse than my own. So when I sent the Xbox in, I taped that note to it in hopes that I might get a response Email or some other compensation for my troubles.

About two weeks later my Xbox returned home, and to my surprise there was nothing in the box addressing any of my issues except, as I had feared. A refurbished not my original fucking Xbox. So after I thought about it I decided I should let it go and just plug the damn thing in. Since I was stuck with it there was no point in getting mad anymore,.It was done or so I thought. I hooked everything up put all my systems back in place and started that fucker up only to find that the system was set to Spanish... WHAT THE FUCK? If this was a joke I was not laughing. So now It was up to me to cycle through all the settings to see if I could switch this fucking MEXbox back to English. Finally I got it and all is OK for now. The system does make some funky noises again now so I know its only a matter of time before it shits on me again, so ill save my rant about faulty tech for a different post. Anyway the point here is I know it may be less costly to outsource things like customer service and other things over to third world countries, But Jesus fucking Christ, at least make sure the people answering the fucking phone have at the very least a basic grasp on the English language. Is that really to fucking much to ask from a major corporation like Microsoft? And its not just them, Its Credit card companies and Insurance and the list goes on. Next time I have to call a company and this happens I think I'll say... ENGLISH MOTHER FUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT???

Sunday, July 25, 2010


In 1987 George Michael released the song faith, Instantly rocketing himself into the minds of horny girls across America possibly the world. His songs/videos were filled with sexual references and images that made girls wanna fuck him and guys wanna be like him to get fucked. So in 1998 when he was arrested for trying to fuck some male cop in a public park bathroom, Everyone was shocked. I'm sure some guys had a feeling he was gay all along as that's just guys nature to cut down another guy that makes them look like less of a man. Never the less people were shocked. The guy all the girls wanted to fuck in reality only wanted a nice man cock in and around his mouth. I'll admit that when I was little I liked his music and thought he was a cool looking guy. So when I heard he was gay I was past the part of my life where anything like that had any impression on the way I grew up. Now no one cares, in fact flash forward 11 years and what do we have???

Adam there is no longer a need for guys to hide there homosexuality behind a straight facade. And guys that look like George up there are considered gross to most girls who long for the soft gentle touch of a woman like Adam over there. For some reason now a days gay is the way. Horrible television channels like MTV jam homosexuality down your throat so bad its almost like they are exploiting it. If you look at music in general from the 80's to today you can see the progression. Sure the guys in a lot of bands from then dressed feminine but for the most part you knew if they were gobbling cock or sitting down to a nice fish taco. and If you think that none of this has to do with the way guys are turning out these days. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES. show me a guy who grew up in the 70's or 80' that looks like this...


    I'm not saying this to gay bash. in general I have no problem with gay people, my problem is with today's media influencing straight guys to dress like confused little girls . Emo kids who wear eyeliner and berets in their hair and a nice tight pair of their little sisters pants, and the stupid fucking girls that think that's what a man is. If that's what a man looks like than our country is fucking doomed. lets send adam lambert or that little fucking bitch justin bieber or those two gender confused things to the left into a war. shit lets just send them into a fist fight with some normal guys and see what happens. I could go on with this one for ever so ill leave it at this. You stupid fucking little lady boys need to grow a pair of balls and a dick and use that dick to fuck some girls. And not girls that look just like you do. If you can wear your girlfriends clothes and makeup and think you look good there is a fucking problem. And if you're going to be gay. Have some real pride and look like a fucking man while you're doing it.


I am currently a member of facebook. I thought it was a nice way to connect with people from my past that I haven't heard from in a long time. Once I created my profile I tracked down a few people I wanted to talk to. Some I found some I didn't. The people I friend requested I said "Hey whats up, hows it been" to (The usual BS). Some responded some didn't. why accept my friendship if you cant even say hi. I thought that was a little strange. Then the friend collectors found me. I was unaware of them at first, until I accepted their friendship. These were all people I knew from the past only when I tried to talk to them I got no response. So after some time I deleted them, only to find a few days/weeks later another request from these people. What the fuck is the point of having friends on a social network site if you are not going to be social? That was one of my inspirations for this blog. My facebook page is going to be terminated and all those friends I had will be lost once again. If any of you reading this are from my facebook friends list, that means that you followed my link to this blog in my final facebook post. Good for you that means you care what I have to say (maybe). To everyone else, Fuck off!